Where it all started

From the early days of crafting beads into necklaces for my Grandmother, my affinity for jewellery was evident at a young age. Post-university, my pursuit of knowledge led me to study for a Diamond Diploma and immerse myself in jewellery-making courses.

My career path took me to the heart of the industry, working for prestigious London jewellery stores like Boodles and gaining invaluable experience in grading diamonds for the iconic De Beers. This allowed me to explore every facet of the jewellery world, from the fascinating process of mining gemstones to the presentation of finished products in elegant shops. My love and genuine passion for this world are evident in my journey, and it's this deep-rooted passion that drives me to craft exquisite artisan jewellery that brings joy and beauty to people's lives.

Yellow gold vermeil cala lily drop earrings with freshwater pearls. Pictured with flowers.

About Mijoux

Exchangine the bustling streets of London for my serene studio in the picturesque town of Salisbury has brought Mijoux Creations to life. Here, I craft handmade silver, enamel, and gemstone jewellery, drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring wonders of nature, the fluidity of water, and the mesmerizing beauty of geometry.

At Mijoux Creations, I'm committed to making jewellery that's not only beautiful but also accessible. My pieces are designed to empower, lift spirits, and to convey love and appreciation to someone special. Each creation is a reflection of my passion and creativity, a unique piece of wearable art that carries a message of beauty and elegance.

I also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on custom commissions, ensuring that your vision and desires are brought to life in a piece that's truly one-of-a-kind. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your bespoke jewellery needs. Welcome to Mijoux Creations, where artistry and craftsmanship combine to create moments of beauty and love.

About me

Salisbury, my hometown, is a place of true charm and character. Growing up amidst the medieval beauty of the city and its welcoming countryside, I had the perfect backdrop to explore my own identity and navigate the adventures of teenage life.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting Salisbury, I would recommend a visit. From historic medieval buildings to the iconic cathedral, the city boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture, all complemented by the warmth of its residents, delectable dining options, and ample opportunities for enjoyment.

My journey took me away from Salisbury to pursue a degree in Biology at Sussex University, and then to London, where I embarked on my jewellery career, following the path my heart truly desired.

Now, I've come full circle, returning to Salisbury with my husband, two children, a cat, and the added joy of having my mother and in-laws living in granny annexes—a full house indeed, but one brimming with love and fun.