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Silver Blue Sapphire claw set stud earrings

Silver Blue Sapphire claw set stud earrings

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These exquisite blue sapphire stud earrings are a captivating addition to your jewellery collection and will effortlessly infuse elegance into your everyday look. Crafted in solid sterling silver, these stud earrings boast a timeless design adorned with lab-grown faceted blue sapphire gemstones, radiating a deep, enchanting hue of blue.

The choice is yours with a versatile range of sizes and settings. Opt for the 4mm round sapphires, available in both four claw and six claw settings, to make a bold and sophisticated statement. Alternatively, embrace understated charm with the 3mm round sapphires, elegantly showcased in a delicate four claw setting.

The lab-grown (synthetic) sapphires are a testament to modern craftsmanship. Meticulously created in a laboratory setting, these stones possess the same brilliance and allure as their naturally occurring counterparts. Rest assured, these are not imitation gemstones; they are authentic gems produced with precision and care.

Wear these stud earrings with pride, as they gracefully blend tradition with contemporary style. Elevate your ensemble with a touch of glamour and a pop of deep blue sparkle.

Sapphire is the birthstone for September.

All Mijoux jewellery is handmade in the U.K.

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